This is my portfolio website, listing my publications and public software projects.

Currently, I work as a modeling and simulation scientist at IntiQuan. I conduct modeling and simulation analyses across all phases of drug discovery and development, with emphasis on:

  • Systems pharmacology models;
  • Population PK and PK/PD models;
  • Statistical analyses.

Previously, I've completed a PhD and a year of postdoctoral research in mathematical modeling with applications to evolutionary biology at ETH Zurich. I have studied the evolution of biological traits, such as morphological characters of animal or plant species, protein expression levels of cells, virulence traits of patients suffering an infection, and others. A common feature of these systems is that biological units like species, cells or viruses are connected by phylogenetic trees representing their ancestry or transmission history. I have developed novel phylogenetic comparative models and software for detecting patterns of trait evolution in big data. I continue research in this area in my spare time.